Newchic Live Stream –Tips to Summer Look 2020

Fashion 2020-07-06 1 Comments

Hey, guys, Newchic summer sale 2020 is coming, what is your summer wardrobe theme focused on? Are you going to be colorful, wearing a summer leisure or Hawaiian print style? Come to ☞Newchic Live ☜to get some inspiration if you have not yet decided what to wear for this summer. We will have a live stream at 3 a.m on 15th July UTC on…

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Fashion 2020-07-11 0 Comments

Happy July! Actually, wait, scratch that. HAPPY JULY!!!! SUMMER! YOU’VE ARRIVED! AT LAST!!! (Yes, I consider July the hottest start of summer–it means sea, beach, bikini…) Now, let’s get down to business. The business of SOCOFY slides and sandals in Newchic Summer Sale 2020. As everyone knows, Newchic Summer Sale 2020 is currently underway. It have been divided into three parts, running from July 6th to July 27th 2020.…

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Are Socofy Shoes Comfortable

Fashion 2020-04-10 2 Comments

Three words to conclude characters of Socofy shoes: Retro, Genuine Leather and Comfy. Nowadays, people are dedicate to one life style—-delicate but comfortable. Socofy shoes can serve both ideas. Experts agreed that the heel height better within 5 CM, almost all Socofy shoes achieve this standard. Not only satisfying your inquiry of pretty appearance of shoes , but quality and comfy. WHY…

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How Long Can an n95 Mask Be Worn

Fashion Healthy HOME & GARDEN 2020-03-11 0 Comments

With the rapid outbreak of the Coronavirus virus, many people have no enough face masks to protect themselves. And how to properly reuse face masks is a crucial question. Which Masks can Protect Against Coronavirus There are two different types of masks: surgical masks and respirators. A surgical mask can also protect the wearer from the risk of splashes of biological fluids.…

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SOCOFY Spring New Arrivals: Play Retro Elements

Fashion 2020-03-11 0 Comments

Spring is coming, maybe some of you can’t wait to put on high heel pumps, flat loafers, take off snow boots to allow your foot and legs to take some fresh air. Exactly, Spring means we could dress up our foot with a pair of beautiful shoes. Look forward to unique retro elements owned by SOCOFY to hitting you. SOCOFY…

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