4 Must-have SOCOFY Lace-up Boots

Fashion SHOES SOCOFY 2020-11-11 0 Comments

Boots seasons is coming, there are so many different kinds of boots that we all want to try, but a pair of SOCOFY lace-up boots are always at the top of the list. SOCOFY lace-up boots come in many styles, from elegant heels to tough combat boots, and it’s also an ideal choice for comfort as they can be fastened…

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Camel Crown – Born For Outdoor

Brand Fashion SHOES 2020-09-14 0 Comments

Good news! On September 14, 2020, Newchic fashion mall ushered in the arrival of the internationally renowned outdoor brand – Camel (also known as “Camel Crown”) Now,let me introduce you the Camel Crown brand in detail. What is Camel Crown brand? Camel Crown is a large-scale production enterprise established in 2005, integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing, and export. Their R&D,…

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SOCOFY NEW ARRIVALS – Let’s Begin The Retro Sports Style

Fashion 2020-08-27 0 Comments

Because of the coronavirus, we have to stay at home and almost people get fatter and fatter. Cool autumn is coming soon, it’s time to exercise! It’s said that recently Newchic launched a series of SOCOFY retro sports sneakers. Come on, follow me to see these sneakers shoes! Retro Hollow Sneakers SOCOFY retro leather sneakers use bold color splicing elements, the…

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Happy Birthday! Newchic 6th Anniversary Sale 2020 Review

Fashion 2020-08-19 0 Comments

Newchic 6th anniversary sale is up now! We genuinely appreciate our customers always along with us. We would like to thank you all for making our great success this year. The Newchic Anniversary Sale 2020 will be from Aug 17th 09:00 (UTC) to Sep 7th 09:00 (UTC). ☞Click the pictures to view the bests wish for Newchic from insiders around…

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