Newchic Spring Summer Sale 2021 – Time To Shopping!

Fashion 2021-03-25 0 Comments

The weather is getting warmer and warmer recently, and you should collect all winter coats, down jackets, and cashmere sweaters. But there is a new dressing worry: in spring, what should I wear if I don’t want to be too dull and afraid of dressing up? So, I thought it was time to come to an issue of Newchic Spring…

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What Is Modern Bohemian Style?

Fashion Outfits WOMENS 2021-02-25 0 Comments

Modern bohemian style refers to clothing that retains some nomadic characteristics, characterized by bright hand-decorated and thick fabrics. Layered lace, batik printing, handmade knots, embroidery, and beads are the Bohemian style’s classic elements. Bohemian clothing advocates freedom and rebellious. Their intense colours and complicated design bring a strong visual impact and romantic sense.   What is bohemian style? Bohemian style…

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SOCOFY Paisley Shoes — Is paisley in style 2021?

Fashion SHOES SOCOFY 2021-02-09 0 Comments

We have recently seen many fashion products with paisley patterns, such as paisley shoes and paisley shirts. Is paisley in style 2021? Today, I will introduce some comfortable SOCOFY paisley shoes for your guys. How old is the paisley pattern? There are many classic national patterns over the world, and the paisley pattern is one of the most recognizable decorative methods.…

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What Is A Good Christmas Gift?

Fashion 2020-12-23 0 Comments

Christmas gift shopping is not an easy task. Some people may want to start early and have all the gifts wrapped up by the first week of December. For some others, Christmas shopping can be a nightmare. The shopping malls will be packed with shoppers, and at this moment, when we are all practicing social distancing, you don’t want to…

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Newchic Live Stream Black Friday 2020 Deals

Fashion 2020-11-25 0 Comments

Newchic live stream for 2020 black Friday deals is coming now! The Newchic Black Friday 2020 sale is the best way to get amazing deals on your favorite items from our store. There are a lot of benefits to avail from the Newchic Black Friday sale such as coupons, bonuses and much more. You will save a huge amount of…

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