Everything is Under $9.99 in Newchic Super Promotion! (Get $20 Gift Card Here)

Everything is Under $9.99 in Newchic Super Promotion! (Get $20 Gift Card Here)

Here comes the Newchic super promotion! From Jan 16th to Jan 26th of 2018, everything is under USD$9.99 in this best promotion ever! It is such a beautiful gesture to welcome 2018 by this fashion shopping site. All kinds of popular brands, top sellers and handpicked items, Newchic is releasing the lowest prices of them. Limited quantities, first come, first served. And as long as you share this post to the network account and leave the sharing link below, you might win a USD$20 gift card! (Detailed instruction in the end of this post)Newchic super promotion


All kinds home & garden goods are under $9.99! There is not another place like our home in the world. It would never be a waste to make it more beautiful and warm. How considerate you are, then how sweet your house could be! Housing keeping & organization, kitchen tools & gadgets, home decors… Don’t hesitate to enter the Newchic super deals, it cost just little to make your home a better place.

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What are pets for us? Accompanies, friends or even family? You love them, then you should keep them warm and stylish in every season. Grab the clothing, shoes &toys to make your kitty and puppy cuter and the most fashionable pets on the earth. Also, the cleaning & grooming tools in the Newchic super promotion enable you to become a more professional pet keeper! Remember, any of them is under $9.99 now!

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No it is time to mention the jewelry and watch that help you achieve better looks directly. Earrings, bracelet, necklace and watch, which is your favorite? Actually, you can save the thinking time since they are all under $9.99 in the super promotion deals! Besides to super favorable prices, the more important thing is that they have the most trending design of course. The most basic thing we ask from the jewelry and watch is fashionable appearance exactly.

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Every fashionista must be a fan of stylish hats. A hat always make any outfit looks better. Both for women and men, Newchic super promotion has selected the most popular hats of 2018 for you, just enjoy their perfect looking and practical warmth-keeping effect!

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Girls, you should embrace the new year with some new makeup products now! Start to believe that the old cosmetics are not enough to highlight your beauty of 2018? Go ahead to update your makeup bags with the high-quality cosmetics of Newchic promotion deals. A different eye makeup, a sexier lipstick and a nice makeup brush are helping you achieve great makeup style!

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Important tips from Newchic blog to win a USD$20 gift card: 

  1. Share this post to your network account like facebook,twitter, googel+, VK… (Deadline: Jan 26th 23:59 when the super promotion ends)
  2. Leave your sharing link and email address below (comment zone in the end of this page).
  3. We choose 3 winners according to the number of likes. The more likes you get, the higher winning odds you will have.

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