Enjoy A Feast Of Different Colors Of Tomatoes!

Enjoy A Feast Of Different Colors Of Tomatoes!

    One of the joys and rewards of growing tomatoes are the beautiful colors and shapes that emerge from these amazing plants. But you know what? It is no longer a dream to have a rainbow tomatoes as you previously harvest only green, red and yellow ones. Actually, thanks to the technology, I now find out way to fulfill my desire of planting different colors of tomatoes!


different colors of tomatoes


    Heirloom tomatoes come in a myriad of colors, sizes and flavors. The mix consist of red, yellow, green and purple. Although they look quite stunning from the appearance, they taste quite rich and juicy when they get mature. So you don’t have to worry about the flavor of different colors of tomatoes.


different colors of tomatoes

100Pcs Rainbow Tomato Seeds Colorful Bonsai Organic Vegetables And Fruits Seeds Home Garden $4.69


    For tomato-lovers like me, I am pretty much lured to the charming colors of these heirloom variety and cannot resist the colorful temptations. In addition, it have a rich balance of acids and sugars that gives it a true old-fashioned tomato taste. This is the most important factor as the flagrance of tomato is what tomato is about!


    There is another eye-catching fruit I’d like to wow you! I bought some blue strawberry seeds, too. It ends up with, of course, an erotic plant of blue strawberries.


Blue Strawberry Seeds

500Pcs Blue Strawberry Seeds Heirloom Super Strawberry Garden Seeds Garden Climbing Plant $4.99


    If you are eager to have this blue strawberry seeds, check out here to view more details at Newchic!



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