Ekphero- A Super Hot Sale Bag Brand in 2017

Brand Profile: Ekphero, a bag brand founded in 2015, who mainly produce functional bags for men and women. Advocating practical and fashion, Ekphero aims to integrate the international fashion elements into the bags. Ekphero dose not only provide customers with cost-effective products, but also convey the fashion trend of contemporary life attitude. From where Ekphero stands, what their customers want is a popular brand that own both. In such a short time, Ekphero has won the support of consumers from all over the world, also with sales having been increased steadily.

women's bagBrand Core Values

Holding the brand running concept of leading fashion, seeking for value for money and ubiquity,  so Ekphero adheres to the people-oriented, integrity and scientific management, and pragmatic innovation all the time. Ekphero’s main consumer groups are urban male and female from 18~40. Committed to providing high quality products to both male and female customers all over the world, Ekphero wants to achieve that with reasonable prices. All in all, Ekpher consumer highlights young spirit, vitality, perseverance, wisdom and individuality for its customers. Each piece of its products is matched with both materials and design, so they are the integration of fashion and taste. That is how Ekphero interprets practical fashion!

women's bag

Brand Expectancy
Ekphero hopes to build itself into a world-famous brand by integrating the designing beauty of the east and the west. Combining elegant romance and artistic grace, then Ekphero promotes these two different aesthetic advantages in the most vivid way. So it keeps putting fashion and practicality at the same pace. In manufacturing, the first step for Ekphero is to select canvas, leather and nylon, it strictly supervises and strives to give consumers a good value for money consumption experience.

women's bag

Product Rangeswallet

Shoulder Bags
Canvas Cross-body Bag
Retro Genuine Leather Bag
Waist Leg Bag
Leather Wallet/ Coin Bag
Travel Handbag

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