How TO DTY Hand Spinner Fidget Toy

How TO DTY Hand Spinner Fidget Toy

    Last summer has witnessed craziness for hand spinner fidget toy, which differs in size, color and style. We sometimes would like to diddle with our pen, cellphone or anything small to kill the time. But why not make it more playful and smart by adding some fun? Instead of buying toys, some people find themselves more interested in making their own hand spinner fidget toy.

hand spinner fidget toy

    I have made my own hand spinner fidget toys by myself previously. And it is quite different from what I though before. Only a glue gun do you need to achieve an awesome hand spinner fidget toy! What a convenient tool for innovation!

    Now, let’s start with the materials for today’s DIY journey:hand spinner fidget toy

1 bearing

several hex nuts (sightly smaller than the wearing in size)


1 glue gun


Steps for DIY hand spinner fidget toy


Step#1 Take one hex nut and combine it with the bearing with one piece of glue.

Step#2 After the glue dries, circle around the combined area with string and glue it evenly.

Step#3 Repeat step1 and step2 for two other nuts.

Step#4 The fidget toy is done drying.

Step#5 Finally play with your fantastic DIY hand spinner fidget toy right now!


There are more patterns that you may like to adopt! It can be a triangle fidget, S-shaped fidget or any personal design you would like to create for fun!  So it is just opt to you.

hand spinner fidget toy

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