DIY–Peacock Hair Accessory Hit the World

DIY–Peacock Hair Accessory Hit the World

hair accessoryhair accessory

Have you ever walked in the street in your peacock hair accessory that attracts so many head turnings? If you do, you must like this piece of hair accessory so much and want to wear it everyday! Every girl wants to possess a special hair accessory that belongs to only herself. If you haven’t got one, here comes some DIY tips show, you will become a beautiful sight while shopping or traveling in this lovely accessory




If you find it hard and time-assuming to collect such materials and find it not so wise to shop them online when it needs comparatively expensive shipping fee. You can just pick some finished hair accessories. There are so many different hair accessories for Summer since it is always a good season to show your charms without aspect.You can chose hit Bohemian peacock hair accessories. People always want one when they see that beautiful ladies wearing their Bohemian peacock hair accessory walking down the beach or sitting on the sand drinking the coconut juice.

hair accessory

Besides peacock hair accessories, you have many other choice to make you hair more beautiful and your whole look more harmonious and enlighten the styles you want to present. For example, when you want to look cute, you can try the flowery vintage headband, it gives others a feeling that you come from the crowd of flowers and looks like a pure fairy! When you want to look more elegant and fit your exotic dress, Chinese Retro Flower Vintage Hairpin is bravo!
hair accessory

hair accessory






Want to be re-fleshed and happier after wake up? Just stand in front of your desk and pick a pretty hair accessory to match your new one-piece dress or your new-haircut. A good mood starts with there beautiful things—-NEWCHIC.

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  • Cheryl Fitzgibbons 2019-06-06 09:22

    I ordered and received a Grace, Your Life Gracila dress with print of Peacock feathers, size small. I thought it was a two piece dress.
    and cannot find a picture of the dress . If there was something over the dress I would like to order that piece also worn over it. Or at least see a picture of the dress again.

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