DIY : How to make your ripped jeans

Now ripped jeans are very popular, the family has brought the old jeans to diy ripped jeans, saving environmental protection!


First post the renderings

  1.Vertical elongated stri

How to diy ripped jeans


2.Horizontal wide type

How to diy ripped jeans


3.Extremely thin pumping lines


4.Rule type


5.Completed look


Tools / materials

1.knife 2scissors 3.nail

Steps / methods

The back of a  line, the best use of scribing, but the camera is not clear, I use the MARK pen.
From left to right are the hole 1 effect, hole 2 effect, hole 3 effect.


Cut the paper with the knife along the lines cut, find the lines of pants, be careful not to cut the horizontal lines



With a nail or any sharp things, each of the horizontal lines are singled out, you need great patience, be sure to pick every root, to ensure the stripes and tidy.



The vertical line out, of course, you can not out, there is another taste. My experience is horizontal wide pattern can be drawn, the vertical can not smoke, like the hole 4 effect.


The best time to complete the washing with water, then those holes and pants can be totally natural



1.The only use of the scissors is to cut the horizontal lines do not accidentally cut clean, of course, you can not cut, ripping jeans has always been to be casual with the sexy.

2.The best choice of material quality coarse denim, not too flexible to do the kind of jeans, very thin kind of not easy to do, stripes too easy to break.

3.The broken nail on the play. Do not use the head too sharp, just cut the hand, the horizontal lines to pick a root down, here are often drops of patience with gray, be sure to pick one by one.

4.And then pick them down after some of those middle Shu Wen on the loose, you can pick can not pick. Vertical holes generally do not pick, stay above the hole as good as 1 and 4. Horizontal holes on the removal, such as holes 2.

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