Camel Crown – Born For Outdoor

Camel Crown – Born For Outdoor

Good news! On September 14, 2020, Newchic fashion mall ushered in the arrival of the internationally renowned outdoor brand – Camel (also known as “Camel Crown”)

Now,let me introduce you the Camel Crown brand in detail.

What is Camel Crown brand?

Camel Crown is a large-scale production enterprise established in 2005, integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing, and export. Their R&D, procurement capabilities, and scale are not only superior to their peers, but they also obtain a supreme domestic supply-chain. Camel Crown’s business scope includes shoes, outdoor, clothing, sports and fitness, leather goods, and bags. Camel Crown’s cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly over the years, and overseas markets include the United States, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. Their slogan is born for the outdoors, aiming to provide high-quality outdoor sports products for people.

Newchic Camel Crown
Newchic Camel Crown

Brand Name:Camel Crown         

Category: Outdoors, shoes, clothing, sports.

Slogan: Born for outdoor

Style:Casual, sport

Is Camel Crown good?

Is Camel Crown good? The answer is absolutely yes!  Their slogan is born for outdoor, they tirelessly pursue high quality in production. The development and success of Camel are inseparable from the continuous improvement and optimization of product technology. From military leather boots a century ago to the outdoor sports equipment with superior performance today, Camel’s continuous pursuit of raw material selection, product design, and production technology guarantee a high supply of diversified quality products.

Newchic Camel Crown Shoes
Newchic Camel Crown Shoes

For example, their waterproof jackets are made with super soft fuzzy lining and cotton padding, which will keep you warm during cold days. The waterproof level is 10000mm/H2O, breathability is 3000g/m²/24 hours on average. All the zippers are in waterproof design. Besides, this kind of jacket is windproof, it has an adjustable and detachable hood. 180g lightweight warm cotton filled locks the body heat effectively and builds a perfect Camel-Tex windbreak system. And with adjustable cuffs, the stretchable glove with a thumb hole helps keep warm.

Camel Crown Waterproof Jackets
Camel Crown Waterproof Jackets
Where to buy Camel Crown?

Camel Crown’s marketing strategy is based on targeted market research on the global market, bringing diversified domestic and international distribution channels. Camel Crown has more than 3,800 specialty stores and brand counters in China. The online platforms of Tmall, Vipshop, Amazon, etc., are popular among consumers all over the world. What’s more surprising is that Camel Crown has entered the Newchic. Customers can directly buy their outdoor products on Newchic, they are high-quality and low-price. Now there is a big sales promotion, hurry up and choose Camel outdoor products for yourself!

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Newchic Camel Crown Brand Promotion
Newchic Camel Crown Brand Promotion
Camel Crowns Series  




d.Sports and fitness


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