JASSY | The Popular Jewelry Brand

jassy JEWELRY & WATCH 2017-06-20 1 Comments

JASSY is a brand of woman jewelry that mainly manufactures earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. It claims to offer the best products and give the perfect shopping experience for every woman. So JASSY always keep pursuing most stylish designs and high quality for its customers. Making the women more shiny and elegant is the mission of JASSY. Since its establishment, JASSY has won…

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Jinqiaoer | A Nylon Bag Master

Jinqiaoer 2017-06-14 1 Comments

Brand Introduction: Jinqiaoer is an international brand loyal to traditional workmanship and constantly pursuing innovation. It mainly design and manufacture functional and elegant nylon bags. Jinqiaoer’s products ranges include handbags, crossbody bag, backpack, travel bag etc. It has been adhering to excellence and gorgeous, making an elegant but traditional model. To make all the products beautiful, fashionable, practical and durable, that is…

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Y.F.M-Things You Should Know About Derma Roller

Y.F.M 2017-06-13 0 Comments

Brand’s Mission: Y.F.M, equals to Your First Move. Making herself more beautiful by having nice skin, that is what a girl’s first move should be. Y.F.M always holds the idea that it should become a considerate brand for women. So it is engaged in researching and producing such a practical tool–skin roller, which is to improve skin of women by…

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Ekphero- A Super Hot Sale Bag Brand in 2017

Ekphero 2017-06-12 0 Comments

Brand Profile: Ekphero, a bag brand founded in 2015, who mainly produce functional bags for men and women. Advocating practical and fashion, Ekphero aims to integrate the international fashion elements into the bags. Ekphero dose not only provide customers with cost-effective products, but also convey the fashion trend of contemporary life attitude. From where Ekphero stands, what their customers want is a…

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