Bracelet watch for ladies, get them and show your STYLE!

Bracelet watch can be a special existence for a lady. No one can not move eyes from these beautiful little things! Or girls that love beautiful things! Maybe you are am of them. You are not sure? Look at these amazing bracelet watches for ladies below!

women watch leather alloy wrist watch 1                                                                                        Bracelet watch $4.54                           Bracelet watch size


I know many people look at their watches to make sure they won’t be late for work or date nowadays. It seems that a watch is becoming more and more a decoration or a symbol of social status. It’s not bad. A beautiful wrist watch can bring me a beautiful mood every time I appreciate it. Just can’t stop smiling when look at them.


roped weave bracelet watch leather watch

                                                                               Owl Dream Weave Leather Watch $5.53     Bohemian PU Leather Rhinestone Flower Watch $5.61


bracelet watch rhinestone cloisonne wrist watch

                                                                                 Weave Velvet Bracelet Watch $6.13       Cloisonne Vintage Rhinestone Turquoise Watch $8.71


retro cloisonne watch vintage rhinestone crystal watch for women gift

                                                                         Retro Cloisonne Watch Vintage Peacock Rhinestone Crystal Watch for Women Gift $9.24


Have you been in love with these stylish bracelet watches. Anyway, I already have.


One of my friends had a little watch with weave leather like the one above, but hers had a better design and a more casual looking. I was attracted by this bracelet watch at the first sight. Wherever we went, she never forgot to put it on. However, accidentally, she lost it in a trip to Yunnan. She felt sad for quite a long time because it was a present from her boyfriend. Besides, it was indeed beautiful. Luckily, she found a similar lovely one on NewChic, and now she is comforted. If you also love these little stylish bracelet watches and want to have one, you absolutely can satisfy yourself on NewChic.





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