How Should the Best Mens Watches Fit Fashionably

How Should the Best Mens Watches Fit Fashionably

When we pick up the best mens watches under 200, size matters! Every watch man should make sure your watch has the proper size, including the cool watches and vintage watches. Watches are not designed to be worn loosely, so your best watches for men should not be too tight but still a little bit loose that slides around your wrist.

Newchic best mens watches

LONGBO Watch Three Multi-Purpose Second Disc Sport Waterproof Luminous Watch, US$37.99


Besides the size, you should know how should the best men’s watch under 50 fits you properly too. If you incorrectly wear a watch and don’t even know it, even it is included in the top 10 list of best watch brands, you still show your lame taste and might be laughed at by your really fashionable friends.

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OULM Men Watch Alloy Leather Two Movement Sport Men Watch, US$46.62


Which wrist should you wear the watch on? Just wear your mens cool watches on the hand opposite your dominant hand( the hand you almost do anything with ). If you’re right handed, you are suppose to wear the antique vintage watch on your left wrist, which won’t bring convenience.

best mens watches

SKMEI 1220 30M Waterproof Luminous Business Classic Quartz Digital Dual Square Watch, US$25.40



Should you wear the best men’s luxury watches outside of the cuff? Your watch should be mostly covered while standing with your arms. But when your arm is bent, your cool digital watch should peek out of the cuff. But don’t you ever wear your watch on top of the cuff. It will look like these guys are trying too hard to show off their mens vintage watches, which is not good.

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BAKEEY X6 Curved HD Camera SIM Card Call Sleep Monitor Built-in Apps Smart Watch for IOS Android, US$23.99


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Q18 Sleep Monitor Pedometer Camera SMS SIM TF Card Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android IOS, US$25.99


Wear different high quality watches for men in different occasions. Though many watches are “everyday” category and you can wear them in most of the occasions, there are also some certain choice for certain outfits. For example, dress watches are made for formal occasions and an android smart watch is for exercising. But the cool watches under 100 and cheap vintage watches from Newchic are so almighty to match with various outfit and occasions.

vintage watches

WISHDOIT Business Mens Watch Luxury Date Rome Number Luxury Quartz Wrist Watch for Men, US$37.99


best watches for men

OULM Casual Watch Leather Alloy Two Movements Men Watch, US$24.13






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