Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation: Emphasis (4)

Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation: Emphasis (4)

Emphasis is also named the focus method. It means that in the whole collocation , your sight falls to the stressed part and highlights the focus. Emphasis is often used to create different styles as a guide.

Emphasis on  color

Color as the first element of human perception , is easy to catch sights. In clothing collocation , using color as an emphasis is most likely to make the impressive effect.

▼ Using the color of the pattern highlights the whole focus, emphasizing the exaggerated profile of the garment.

 Geometric Pattern Printed Mini Dress

▼Without the red bag to make the screen active, the collocation is gloomy.



Emphasis on craft

Craft  means exquisite , advanced, and valuable. Emphasizing the craft can make the collocation more attractive and alluring.

▼Printing is undoubtedly our visual focus, successfully emphasizing the craft.

Bohemian Women Printed Sleeveless Beach Chiffon Dress


▼Flowers adorned with emphasis, and gloves repeats.



Emphasis on accessories

Emphasis on accessories is a new fashion.  The accessories creates amazing effect by increasing the gradation of clothing.

The use of flower accessories,  highlighting the bow tie bow knot details in the whole yellow screen.▼



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