Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation:Repetition (3)

Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation:Repetition (3)

Repetition is the most common and easiest way to do it. It means that elements such as color, shape, material, pattern, process, etc. appear two or more than two times in clothing collocation.

This method emphasizes the effect of the same elements, which makes the collocation with a sense of order and unity.

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▲The pattern repeats


▲ The color and  material of  clothes and shoes are repeated.


▲ The color of the clothes and  shoes repeats


▲ Belts and shoes repeats


▲ When two or more elements appear alternately, called alternating; Valentino Stripe Rainbow Pattern

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▲ Alternating

The repetition is very simple. In fact, everyone will often use it.


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