Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation: Proportion (1)

Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation: Proportion (1)

Clothing collocation is to show aesthetic feeling by combining clothing and clothing (general meaning up and down). However, this aesthetic feeling relies on the “beauty principles”.

The principles of beauty are mainly reflected in the three elements of clothing :
• color matching (color)
• the combination of clothing (shape)
• the use of clothing materials (material)

The beauty principles are important basis for clothing collocation, whether color collocation, the material collocation, style collocation, circumstances collocation, these are the basis for. The beauty principles are formed year by year.


The  principles include:proportion、balance、repetition、gradation、harmony、emphasis、rhythm、unity.


In clothing collocation, the certain number relationship between the whole and part or part and  part is called proportion, usually refers to the area, quantity, length, size, weight and other differences arising from the color, shape, material.

The proportion is one kind of techniques that will appear definitely , because it refers to the top and the upper outfit as well as the matching.

The ratio is divided into two categories: “traditional proportion” and “non-traditional proportion”.

Traditional proportion give people a sense of tradition, modesty, maturity, elegance, stability.

Traditional proportional Strap Sleeveless Two Pieces Set Suits

 Two Pieces Set Suits

Non-traditional proportion gives people a sense of individuality, fashion, lively.


There are normal proportion, gold ratio, Fibonacci series, proportional division, proportional distribution and so on.

Normal proportion  (1:1)

This proportional relationship gives a feeling of decency, discipline. Generally appear in the professional suit.



Gold ratio (1:1.618)

Invented by the ancient Greeks,  it said that the proportion of the upper and lower bodies of people closer to 1:1.618. This method is also used in clothing collocation, which is considered the most perfect ratio.


Fibonacci Number:
Fibonacci, based on the golden ratio, is also known as the gold style series. Each term equals the first two (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 · · ·), which is similar to the golden ratio. Soft and Rhythmic.


Bow tie – bra – skirt gauze – skirt

Proportion Division:

Divide a whole into a few small pieces. The use of the black line style as a whole, and become a separate plate. YSL’s design of mondrian


For proportion division , it should take the beauty and proportion balance into account , whether the division will destroy the aesthetic feeling of the whole, and whether the part after division has its own aesthetic feeling.

Proportion distribution:

The proportion between two or more objects constituting a whole is a definite relationship, which is more free in clothing collocation. It often used in multiple collocation and accessories collocation, which makes the whole collocation more layered and varied.

Fur short coat + print windbreaker + printing, because of the similar patterns so that individuals form a whole.


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