Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation: Balance (2)

All elements of clothing can be used to balance. There are two balances:  symmetry and equilibrium .


It refers to the  symmetry in color, shape, material, pattern or process of clothing collocation. It gives the psychological feeling of stable, natural , comfortable, serious and  dignified . There are bilateral symmetry ,center symmetry, rotational symmetry.


The  bilateral symmetry is also called single axis symmetry. In the above image, the color, shape, texture and pattern , even rings are symmetrical.


Floral Embroidered Denim Strap Mini Dress

Center symmetry, is also called multi-axis symmetry. As the symmetry axis increases, the symmetry form will become complex and the visual impact will also change.


Rotational symmetry, also called point symmetry,  they are such as the Taiji, parallelogram, swastika.

旋转对称 - 副本


Equilibrium refers to more than two elements , in the asymmetric case, to obtain a formal balance of the state.



Because psychological feeling of black is heavy, so designers increase the white area, in order to obtain a visual balance.


Change the direction of the hat, compare the feelings, is it feeling a lot heavier on the right?


Equilibrium is a pursuit of a sense of stability in the asymmetrical state .This method usually adds and subtracts something in clothing collocation , such as a bag, a corsage, or a few bracelets . For example, wearing identical earrings may not be so vibrant, but wearing two different shows personality and will not lose balance.



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