5 Fashion Mistakes Girls Should Avoid

5 Fashion Mistakes Girls Should Avoid

Sometimes you spend a lot of time dressing up yourself, thinking about the kind of makeup you should do, how to accessorize. But just a few mistakes can ruin all your effort. Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid:

1 Mismatched Colors

The biggest mistake is to put on colors that do not go together or go monochrome from head to toe. Neons over neons are a big NO. Choose the balance color of your kurti for the leggings instead of the most/least appearing color. Prefer black jeans for blue tops and vice versa. Add colors to monochrome outfits in terms of accessories and footwear. Other discoloration issues include runny patterns on silk, tinted lights that got put in with a bright load of laundry, and run-of-the-mill stains. Before heading out for a big event, do a careful once over to check for anything funky.

2 Ripped, Stained or Scuffed Pieces of Fashion


Don’t be lazy – fix that seam, re-sew a button, make sure the greasy stain is completely out or find a smart way to fix it! The same goes for your pants and shoes – tattered hems and scratched heels will take points from your looks making you appear sloppy which is, by the way, never a good thing.

3 Big Hand Bags


Girls all love big handbags since they look so beautiful and elegant. But, if you are small famed, I would suggest you not to go for big bags. Huge handbags will take away the attention from you, make your height look shorter and the bags bigger and that’s a fashion blunder.

4 Over the top accessories


Never wear a lot of accessories. Carry just one statement piece keeping the rest simple. Go for a trendy neckpiece or a combo of eye catching earrings and chunky bracelet or multiple bangles. Don’t overdo the look by wearing all accessories at once. The key is to keep only one point of emphasis.

5 Poor Choice of Materials

Although synthetic materials are generally a valid choice for evening attire not to mention quite a popular ingredient of many well made blends, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she really has to start paying attention to the inner labels, basing her choice on the quality of fabrics used to create a garment in question.

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