3rd Anniversary Sale

Newchic 3rd Anniversary Sale Special page, take you to play newchic anniversary sale with coupon and special offer.

The Surprise Of Summer: Newchic 3rd Anniverary

3rd Anniversary Sale 2017-08-03 0 Comments

Summer is the stuff of dreams. Summer is the time of infinite fun. The day seems to last forever, and the fun never stops.  It is a time of romance, excitement and an enhanced enjoyment of life. There are so many wonderful things on summer : Surfing , go through the the passionate waves The flaming cloud  comes to the…

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Special Benefits for Newchic VIP

3rd Anniversary Sale 2017-08-01 0 Comments

Hello there, are you a VIP of Newchic yet? To celebrate the 3rd anniversary, Newchic has prepared the greatest exclusive benefits for Newchic VIP ever! Calm down, don’t rush to shop, give me one minute to introduce them one by one first. Ready to buy the favorable products with less money! 1st Benefit: VIP only prices, special price for special you!  …

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A Guide to Enjoy Newchic  3rd Anniversary Party !

3rd Anniversary Sale 2017-07-24 0 Comments

  Thank you all the Newchic members for coming to our 3rd anniversary sale  party.  Thank you for supporting Newchic for the past year. And thank you for giving us the amazing times. We wanna share and celebrate the great moments with you. Enjoy our carnival! Here is a guide to help you enjoy:   Event 1: Vote and win coupon: which one do you…

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Complete Timeline of Newchic 3rd Anniversary Promotion

3rd Anniversary Sale 2017-07-21 4 Comments

The coming August 8th is a big day! Why? It is the birthday of Newchic! Well, 3rd anniversary is a special time for us to give away all kinds of benefits to our customers! So NC fans, pay close attention, this article is a timeline of surprises you can get from Newchic 3rd anniversary promotion! (Thoughful tips: There is a 3rd Anniversary Promotion Giveaway for you in the…

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