3D Wall Stickers For Chic Style Home Decoration

3D Wall Stickers For Chic Style Home Decoration

    As more and more people tend to decorate their own home with personal taste, it is quite a fashion trend to DIY your home with 3D wall sticks. Maybe you have low expectation on your own painting skills. Or you prefer modern style painting by professional artists. However, 3D wall stickers can also make your home overflowed with creativity without effort!


3D wall stickers

PAG 3D Christmas Deer Sticker Wall Decals Home 3D Christmas Wall Hole Decor Gift $6.36


    What a vivid picture that it almost gets me wonder whether I should blame this adorable deer for its trespassing. Yet of course I am just joking. The broken bricks sprinkle around the hole with water pipes protruding from the walls, presenting a vivid picture of disorder. And it seems to maximize your visual experience with the brick wall best.


3D Wall Floor Sticker Removable Beach Art Home Decoration $4.99

3D wall stickers


    What about this beach art floor sticker? It looks so amazing, right? When you put it to decorate your bathroom, it got to be feel like you are showering in the beach! The floor stick is made with so many details, including colorful starfishes, stylish shells, and real-size footprints in the sand.

    There are more decorations like oil paintings and art deco wallpaper that can satisfy your demand and achieve your dream of design! Come and pick up one of your favorite 3D wall stickers at Newchic!

art deco wallpaper

40x50cm 10 Styles Angel Animal DIY Oil Painting Summer Wall Art Home Bedroom Hotel Office Deco $9.99



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